Reason Behind MCU’s New Captain America Explained:

Know Why MCU introduce New Captain America?

At this time, Marvel’s show “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” ​​was eagerly awaited by the people. If you’ve seen the first few episodes of this show, you’ll know what I’m talking about. So you must have been disappointed when you saw the new character on the show. We’re discussing the new Captain America, John Walker, who was introduced in this show.

New Captain America
New Captain America

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Captain America (Steve Rodger) gave his shield and responsibilities to his friend Falcon at the end of the film “Avengers: End Game.” Falcon, on the other hand, does not think he is deserving of it. Around the same time, fans were heartbroken to discover that their favourite Marvel character will be retiring.

The show “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” featured the story after 6 months of the film. Where the government appoints one of the most competent army officers to the position of Captain America whose name is John walker. The movie’s public is ecstatic about the government’s decision, but Falcon and the Winter Soldier are not so pleased. John Walker’s character is depicted as a decent person who aspires to be a good Captain America like Steve Rodger. However, seeing him instead of Steve Rodger will make you understand how important Steve Rodger is even more.

Maybe this is what Marvel people also want. The story of the show is being taken in such a way where you wait every moment when Falcon and The Winter Soldier will strip the shield from John Walker. just think This hate would have been aimed at Falcon. If Falcon had used this shield to be pleased with the show’s beginning.

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