Kailash parvat history containing 2 mysterious lakes

Kailash Parvat History

Kailash Parvat
Kailash Parvat

Kailash parvat is known as Shiva’s home in Hinduism, and it is considered the holiest place on the planet because of Lord Shiva’s presence. Tibet is home to Kailash parvat. In Jainism, it is also very important. Kailash parvat holds so many mysteries that no one knows the answers to them to this day. Let us learn about some of these secrets.

Visit to Kailash Mansarovar

The first route to Kailash Mansarovar is from Uttarakhand in India, which is a difficult route that requires walking, and the second route is from Kathmandu, so let us fly from Kathmandu to Mansarovar. After completing all necessary checks in Delhi, your journey to Kailash Mansarovar begins on the first day; you will be transported directly to Kathmandu, from where you will continue your journey.

On the second day, after traveling an hour from Kathmandu, the passport and other papers are checked at the Friendship Bridge on the Nepal-China border, followed by Nyalam, Tibet. It is situated at a height of 2700 feet above sea level. After resting in Nyalam, the next stop is Saga.

Prayag, which is 270 kilometres from Kisaga, is the next stop on your journey from Saga. The fact is that you now have a beautiful panoramic view in front of you, which makes your mind happy. After resting in Prayag, the next stop is Mansarovar, where you can experience magical, one-of-a-kind, and supernatural joy. Om Parvat will now be in front of you, and from Mansarovar, you will see the southern portion of Kailash parvat.

After bathing in Mansarovar, a beautiful feeling arises within you, and your desire to revolve around Kailash grows stronger. To do so, you must first travel 60 kilometers to Tarchen’s base camp. You can also walk around the Kailash parvat and hire horses because the circumambulation is 54 kilometers long and difficult to walk.

Now that you are 19800 healthy, you will experience breathing difficulties. To help with this, you will be given oxygen cylinders to use. Deharpuk is the starting point for the trek. You’ll start to see Kailash as you progress.

Gauri Kund will now appear in front of you. This Kund is said to be where Maa Parvati bathes. After bathing in the Kund, the 24-kilometer journey begins the next day. Now that you’ve passed through Yamasthal and Shivsthal to enter Dolma La Pass, you’ll feel as though you’ve arrived in heaven.

Center of Supernatural Powers

Kailash parvat is also known as the world’s navel or Axis Mundi. It also serves as the meeting point between the heavens and the earth. It can be approached here and has supernatural abilities. The treatment of supernatural powers continues indefinitely since ten paths converge here.

Center of the Earth

Both the poles of the earth between the North Pole and the South Pole are the Himalayan Mountains and Kailash parvat is the center of the Himalayan Mountains and it is considered by the scientists as the center of the Earth.

Pyramid of the Mountain

The shape of this Kailash parvat is pyramidal, we can call it a big pyramid, it is made up of 100 small pyramids, all of which are themselves at the center.

Nobody can climb to the top

It is also a big mystery in itself that why no human being can climb the top of this Kailash parvat, it is said that anyone who has tried in this way started having such strange incidents with them that they climbed to the top. The attempt to stop it. After all, what power prevents them from doing so and why even this remains a mystery to date.

Two Mystical Lakes

There are two lakes here, one is Manasarovar Lake and the other is Monster Lake, where Manasarovar Lake is one of the pure water lakes, while the Monster Lake is a saltwater lake, Mansarovar Lake is in the shape of the sun, while the monster lake is in the shape of the moon. Both lakes are related to positive and negative energy. If we look at the lake from the south, the swastika mark is visible now it is natural or it has been made is a mystery.

Origin of all Rivers

Here four rivers originate from the four directions, which are Brahmaputra, Indus, Sutlej, and Karnali, followed by Ganges, Saraswati, and many rivers of China. In the directions of Kailash, the faces of animals are like the horse in the east, the elephant in the west, the lion in the north, and the peacock in the south.

ॐ sound

Whenever you are in this area, you will always hear a sound, if you listen to it carefully, you will find it to be the sound of इसके for this, scientists say that maybe this sound can be caused by melting ice or else light and sound The middle is intermixed in such a way that this voice is heard as the sound of ॐ.

Yeti man’s secret

People living here in the Himalayas say that there is a human being here, which is very big in size, some call it a Yeti here or a brown bear and some call it a snow human. It is said that it consumes humans. Many scientists have also done medicine that snowman is found here, which in their language is called Neanderthal human.

The sky is lit up with light

There are some special types of light that have been seen here many times, it is said that here 7 types of light have been seen flashing, but scientists say that this light may be seen due to magnetic force. He says that sometimes the magnetic force can combine with the sky to produce such light.

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