ISRO 2021 – We have a long way to go

ISRO’s History

ISRO 2021

The Indian Space Research Organization, or ISRO, was established on August 15, 1969, and was previously known as the Indian National Committee for Indian Space Research. ISRO is now visiting several of the world’s most well-known space research institutes. Not only is India able to meet its space needs today, but it is also competing with countries all over the world.

When was India’s first rocket launched, and what was its name? When did India begin to manufacture its own rockets? , What are communication satellites and how do they work?

India’s first satellite

We will never forget April 19, 1975, when ISRO, with the assistance of the Soviet Union, launched the first satellite into Aryabhata orbit. Despite the fact that this satellite only operated for five days before shutting down, ISRO had accomplished a significant feat.

ISRO’s success rate is high

Following the success of Aryabhata, ISRO began highlighting its achievements, which we all in India are proud of. Indian Space Research Organization launched the 72 kg satellite Bhaskar into orbit on June 6, 1979. The Rohini satellite, which was designed entirely in India, was launched into orbit in 1980 by PSLV, an Indian-built launch vehicle.

Who could forget ISRO’s glorious saga when it successfully orbited Mars in its first attempt, setting a new record for being successful in a first attempt and placing fourth among countries that have reached Mars?

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ISRO’s most notable accomplishments

Thanks to the hard work and commitment of greats like Vikram Sara Bhai, Abdul Kalam, and Satish Dhawan, ISRO has achieved unparalleled success in recent years. These achievements, one after the other, have raised the heads of Indians and earned Indian Space Research Organization a prominent position in the world of space exploration.

Putting 104 satellites together in space

ISRO set a world record by successfully launching 104 satellites into orbit at the same time using PSLV, surprising the entire world. Russia had done the same thing before. It had launched 34 satellites into orbit at the same time.

The successful launch of Chandrayaan

ISRO proudly raised its head once more in 2008 when it completed the construction of Chandrayaan. ISRO made history on October 22, 2007, when it successfully launched an unmanned vehicle to the moon, which had been fully prepared in its own country.

Successful launch of Mangalyaan

Because of ISRO’s performance, even ISRO’s enemies had to be celebrated. In its first attempt, India became the first nation in the world to successfully position Mars Orbiter in the orbit of Mars, a feat that had never been accomplished before.

Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System

ISRO launched the seventh navigation satellite of the Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System on April 28, 2016, and designed its own GPS system before the United States and Russia did. The reused launch vehicle and scramjet engine were also successfully tested.

What are communication satellites and how do they work?


Communication satellites

A satellite is a tiny object that orbits a larger object than it, such as the moon circling the earth. The moon becomes a satellite of the earth by accident, but it is normal, and here the matter is of the satellite, which is created by humans and then put in the earth’s orbit. Their size varies depending on their job; it may range from the size of a television to that of a truck.

How they work

Solar panels are mounted on both sides of the satellite to provide power. The transmitter and receiver are engaged in the middle, receiving and transmitting the signal. It also contains motors that can be operated from a distance and whose direction can be changed. In the work for which the satellite is designed and put in space, the same objects are used.

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